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OneMerge Training – Home Page OneMerge Standard Edition

This article explains the Home Page feature that can be found when you click on the Home tab. 

The Home Page contains a number of components that provide a snapshot of the current status. The components consist of:

  • Total number of Record Merges, with links to reports, based upon:
      • This Week 
      • Last Week
      • This Month 
      • Last Month 
      • This Year
      • All Time
  • Total number of Records that have been Data Stewarded, with a link to a report based upon Month. 
  • Total number of Record Merges by Calendar Month, with a link to a report based upon calendar Month. 
  • A list of Data Stewarding Tasks that are pending. This list consists of the Duplicate Record sets that are waiting to be Data Stewarded and confirmed as matched Records to be Merged.  
  • Total number of Records Merged by Merge job by Calendar Month, with a link to a report. This is the number that are executed by a scheduled Merge Job. 
  • Total number of Merge Requests by Calendar Week, with a link to a report.  
  • Welcome to OneMerge – a number of links to resources helping you understand and become familiar with OneMerge. Merge Ruleset Status – this provides you with the status of Merge Rulesets setup, which will enable you to amend any issues before running Merge jobs. A green status indicates the Merge Ruleset is valid. If it is not showing a green status, you can expand the arrows to find the one which has errors. If you then click on the one with errors, this will take you directly to the Custom Setup to amend the errors. 


In this example you can see that in the Merge Ruleset for Leads, there is an Error status for the Mobile Rule. The Error tells you that there is missing field level security permissions for this field. 

  • Merge Job Status – this provides a view of any Merge Jobs that have encountered issues.  
  • Matching Filter Status – this is only for the Enterprise Edition and provides the status of Matching Filters.  
  • The final component provides information for Merge Jobs, Merge Logs and Merge Requests. 

If you require any assistance, please contact us at support@onemerge.co.uk.

Article last reviewed: 2023-08-30