How to Install OneMerge Free Edition

OneMerge Installation Instructions

OneMerge is available to install via our Salesforce App Exchange Listing here. You can try a Trial Version, which is initially recommended, to help navigate and understand the features and functionality of OneMerge Free Edition.

Once you have installed the Trial version, you will have the option to follow through some test scenarios which will show you how Records Match and Merge. These scenarios can be found here. They are provided to help with the workflow of OneMerge.

When you are ready, you can install the latest version of OneMerge free Edition via the Release notes Link.

There are some Post Installation steps to follow which can be found here.

There is also a Guided Setup feature which is accessible from the page footer within the app. This feature guides you through how to manage Merge Rulesets, scheduling Merge Jobs and Application Settings.

The following image displays the help section available within the Guided Setup:

OneMerge Installation Instructions for Free Edition

The Help Section provides all the information required to get started after installing OneMerge.

If you require any assistance with installing OneMerge Free Edition, please contact us at

Article last reviewed: 2024-05-15