How to Clone a Merge Ruleset OneMerge Free Edition

How to Clone Merge Rulesets

OneMerge Clone Merge Rulesets provides step-by-step instructions on how to clone Merge Rulesets from OneMerge Free Edition to Standard or Enterprise Edition. Install OneMerge Standard or Enterprise Edition  into the same environment as OneMerge Free Edition first. This feature is useful when upgrading to OneMerge Standard or OneMerge Enterprise Edition after completing validation in OneMerge Free Edition. Cloning reduces the manual effort required and mitigates potential mistakes. 

Guided Setup Free Edition 

Follow these steps to clone a Merge Ruleset:    

  1. From the OneMerge Application Home page, click Guided Setup in the footer. 
  2. On the first screen select the Setup Action Clone a Merge Rulset to OneMerge (Standard or Enterprise Edition) and click the Next button (as shown below). 
  3. On the next screen select the Merge Ruleset to clone, and click the Next button. 
  4. The next screen should show a success message, click the Finish button. 
  5. Repeat the steps above to clone more Merge Rulesets.

Clone Merge Rulesets

Additional Information

To validate Cloned Merge Rulesets have been copied across to OneMerge Standard or Enterprise Edition, look on the relevant Home Page in the Merge Rulesets Panel. The Merge Ruleset will only display in the Home Page once is has been set as Active.

Follow these steps to set the Merge Ruleset to Active:

  1. Click on Setup.
  2. Select Custom Code.
  3. Select Custom Metadata Types.
  4. Select Manage records>Merge Rulesets.
  5. Select the cloned Merge Ruleset.
  6. Edit and tick ‘Is Active?‘.
  7. Click on Save.

The cloned Merge Ruleset displays in the Home Page.

To find out more about OneMerge Standard, Enterprise and Free Edition and how to Clone Merge Rulesets, please contact

Article last reviewed: 2024-15-05