OneMerge Post Installation Instructions 

OneMerge Training – Post Installation Instructions

Once the Installation of OneMerge is complete, a few steps need to be followed to setup the configuration. Matching records can be merged either in real-time or via a scheduled Apex job, the setup steps for both options are detailed here. To find out further information about the Merge Options and which one would better suit your organisation, please refer to the training materials on the website. 

OneMerge Profile App Permissions 

Once OneMerge has been installed into your Salesforce instance, follow these steps to apply App Permissions to your User Profiles.  

  1. Go to Setup (top right). 
  2. Under Administration, click on ‘Profiles’. 
  3. Select the Profile from the list. 
  4. Click on ‘Edit’. 
  5. Ensure the Custom App Settings OneMerge is ticked. 

OneMerge User Setup 

Follow these steps to allocate access to OneMerge for the relevant Users.  

  1. Go to Setup (top right). 
  2. Under Administration, click on ‘Users’.  
  3. From the list, click ‘Users’. 
  4. Select the User from the list. 
  5. Under ‘Permission Set Assignments’ click on ‘Edit assignment’. 
  6. Select OneMerge User from the ‘Available Permission Sets’ and add to the ‘Enabled Permission Sets’.  
  7. Click on Save. 

The User has now been given access to OneMerge.  

 OneMerge Page Layouts 

OneMerge has its own Page Layouts which contain the relevant field and sections. Follow these steps to ensure these page layouts have been assigned to the correct profiles. Alternatively, the packaged layouts can serve as a reference for the fields to be added to your own layouts.

  1. Go to Setup (top right). 
  2. Under Platform tools, click on ‘Objects and Fields’ 
  3. Select Object Manager. 
  4. Click on ‘Account’. 
  5. Click on ‘Page Layouts’. 
  6. Click on ‘Page layout Assignment’. 
  7. Validate that each Profile to be used has the OneMerge account Layout 
  8. If not, then click on edit and select the Profile and the Page Layout.  
  9. Click on Save.  

All Profiles that will be using OneMerge will now have the correct Page Layout assigned. For all Objects that will be using OneMerge (e.g. Leads and Contacts), these steps will need to be followed. The Duplicate record Set Object will also need verifying. 


Enable Real-Time Merge

Note: This section does not apply to OneMerge Free Edition 

To enable real-time Merge, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Setup (top right).  
  2. Under Custom Code, click on ‘Custom Settings’. 
  3. Click on ‘Manage’ App Settings.
  4. Click Edit and ensure the following checkbox is ticked ‘Is Realtime Merge active?’. 
  5. Click on Save. 

The real-time Merge functionality has now been activated. 

Setup a Scheduled Merge Job (Also available to Setup within Guided Setup).

To setup a Merge Schedule to run at a specific time, date and day, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Setup (top right).  
  2. Under Custom Code, click on ‘Apex Classes’. 
  3. Click on ‘Schedule Apex’. 
  4. Click on the search icon in ‘Apex Class’ and select the Object Merge required, e.g. Account Merge Job if merging Account records. 
  5. Give the Job a name. 
  6. Select the frequency, start and end dates, and start time.  
  7. Click on Save.  

The Scheduled Merge functionality has now been setup. The job will run at the specified date and times and will validate the Account Object. 

Article last reviewed: 2024-04-10