OneMerge Training – Troubleshooting

This article details the areas to look within OneMerge that can help with troubleshooting:

Merge Log Entries

One of the first places to look if the Merge Results are not as expected or a Merge did not happen, is within the Merge Log Entries tab. Where there has been a problem, this will be logged here, and will provide the following:

  • Merge Log Entry Number
  • Log Type
  • Functional Area
  • Component
  • Message
  • Merge Request
  • Merge Job
  • Created Date

Clicking on the Merge Log Entry Number link will take you to the Merge Log Entry detail. This provides the following information:

  • All the information displayed in the Merge Log Entries Tab.
  • Stack Trace Information when a runtime error is encountered.
  • Related Merge Request and Merge Job.

Click on the Merge Request link will take you to the Merge Request tab where further information is displayed including the following:

  • Merge Results
  • Merge Log Entries
  • Merge Request History

All this information within the Merge Log Entries will help identify any issues.

Merge RuleSet Status 

In the Home Tab there is a section called Merge RuleSet Status which lists all the Merge RuleSets that have been setup and their current status. 

When there is an issue with the Merge RuleSet configuration, the status will state ‘Error’. You can then expand the Merge Ruleset to drill down to where the error is.  

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Article last reviewed: 2023-08-30