OneMerge Standard and Enterprise Guided Setup

OneMerge Guided Setup Overview, Standard and Enterprise Edition

Guided Setup is available to System Administrators within OneMerge to assist with configuration setup to either existing settings, or the ability to be able to create new. 

Note: Standard Users can use Guided Setup, once the Salesforce permission Customize Application has been applied.  

When you first launch Guided Setup from the footer, you will be presented with the Actions that are available to execute:  

OneMerge Guided Setup

  • Manage Merge Rulesets
  • Manage Matching Filters (Enterprise Edition)
  • Schedule the Matching Job (Enterprise Edition)
  • Schedule the Merge Job
  • Schedule the Reparenting Job (Enterprise Edition)
  • Manage Application Settings

There is also Help throughout which you can choose to hide if you no longer want this displayed on the screen. Simply do this by checking the ‘Hide Help Sections?’ checkbox.  

Manage Merge Rulesets

When you select Manage Merge Rulesets you can either Create a new one or edit the existing Standard Merge Rulesets that are provided:

OneMerge Guided Setup Overview - Manage Merge Rulesets

If you choose to Edit, then on the next page you will have a number of options to select from:

OneMerge Guided Setup Overview - Existing Merge Ruleset

At each step, the options available are explained which will assist with the required outcome. By editing the Merge Ruleset, you can change the default values provided:

OneMerge Guided Setup Overview - Merge Ruleset Detail

Manage Matching Filters

This feature is applicable to the Enterprise Edition of OneMerge only. It allows filters to be applied to the records processed by OneMerge Matching Jobs so that , for example, the Account Matching Job could run to match customers for a specific brand.

Manage Matching Filters

Schedule the Matching Job

As with managing Matching Filters, scheduling the Matching Job is a feature specific to the Enterprise Edition. You can schedule the job to run for an Object hourly, daily or every x number of hours:

Schedule Matching Jobs

Schedule the Merge Job

The Merge Job can be scheduled to run hourly, daily or every x hours. This is for Standard and Enterprise Editions of OneMerge. Once you have setup a Merge Job, it will be displayed in the Merge Job Status panel of the Home Page.

Schedule the Reparenting Job

The Reparenting Job allows specific items to be appended to the Master Record, for example Files or Activities. They can be setup through the Merge Rulesets and are specific to the Enterprise Edition:

Schedule the Reparenting Job

Once Reparenting Rules have been created, then a Reparenting Job can be scheduled to run. As with the Merge and Matching Jobs, they can be scheduled to run daily, hourly or every x number of hours. They will be displayed in the Merge Job Status panel on the Home Page.

Manage Merge Object Mappings

Merge Object Mappings allow you to setup field mappings across different Objects for example Lead to Account. When duplicate records are identified ,OneMerge can Merge the duplicates in different Salesforce Objects with field mappings which reference the specified fields:

Merge Object Mappings

Manage Application Settings

The final option on the Guided Setup is to make amendments to the Application Settings that are installed by default. These settings determine how logs are recorded and how long to keep them for. There are also settings for Merge Job processing, which typically would only be changed once analysing large Merge Jobs. There are 3 sections, ‘Manage Application Settings’, ‘Workload Settings’, ‘Data Retention Settings’.

Manage Application Settings

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Article last reviewed: 2024-05-20