OneMerge Guided Setup, Welcome to OneMerge

OneMerge Guided Setup, Welcome to OneMerge

Guided Setup is available to System Administrators within OneMerge to assist with the initial Configuration and Setup. When you first launch Guided Setup from the footer, the following page will be displayed:

Welcome to OneMerge

The intention of this initial step in the Guided Setup is to provide information on how to get started and also how to configure the product to meet the business requirements. The following steps are provided:

  1. Configure Salesforce Duplicate Management.
  2. Assign the OneMerge User Permission Set to admin users.
  3. Configure OneMerge.
  4. Page Layouts.
  5. Review the How to Test OneMerge resource.
  6. Configure Real-time Merge or Schedule a Merge Job.

Once the configuration has been applied, the next step is to perform some validation tests. Step 5 on this page provides a link to the ‘How to test OneMerge’ resources. Once validated the Welcome page can be hidden.

The ‘Welcome to OneMerge’ page can be hidden at any time by ticking the ‘Hide Welcome Step?’ checkbox.

Please contact to find out more about OneMerge Standard, Enterprise or Free Edition.

Article last reviewed: 2024-15-05