OneMerge Guided Setup User Access

OneMerge Training – Guided Setup User Access

This document provides information regarding how to assign the Guided Setup to a non System Administrator Profile so that they can view and make updates.  

When you install OneMerge, the System Administrator profile will be automatically setup to view the Guided Setup. Any other Profile types will see the Guided Setup, but when they click on it will be presented with this view:  

A System Administrator will need to follow these steps to provide access to the Guided Setup from the footer in the Home Page.

The following example is how to provide access to certain users and not all using the same Profile.

  1. Open the Salesforce Setup Menu.
  2. Select Users>Profiles 
  3. Next to the Standard User, select Clone.  
  4. Within the Administrative Permissions, tick the ‘Customize Application’ checkbox.  
  5. Tick the ‘Modify Metadata Through Metadata API Functions’ checkbox.  
  6. Click on Save.  

New Users that are assigned this Profile will be able to use and make changes to the Guided Setup. 

Article last reviewed: 2023-08-29