How to Merge Duplicate Records in Real-Time

OneMerge Training – How to Merge Duplicate Records in Real-Time

OneMerge provides the options of performing a Merge of Duplicate Records either in Real-Time or by scheduling a Merge Job. The Merge Job can be scheduled by time and date and also by ‘Now’ which is particularly useful when validating the Rules.

Merging in Real-Time will ensure that when two Duplicate Records have been matched, they will be merged and one will become the Master Record. Any Merge Rules specified will update the Master Record values accordingly.

Test Scenario 1 – How to select the ‘Is Realtime Merge Active?’ setting

In order to perform a Merge of Duplicate records in Real-time, the following settings need to be applied first:  

  1. Open the Salesforce Setup menu.  
  2. Select Custom Code>Custom Settings.  
  3. Click on the Manage link.  
  4. Click the Edit button.  
  5. Ensure the ‘Is Realtime Merge Active?’ checkbox is ticked.  
  6. Click on the Save button. 

Test Scenario 2 – Create a Duplicate Record Set 

Follow these steps to create a Duplicate Record Set which is merged in Real-time (Go back to OneMerge through the App Launcher). This scenario is based upon the Merge Rules being setup for Account Name and Billing Address: 

  1. Click on the Accounts Tab. 
  2. Click on the New button. 
  3. Enter an Account Name 
  4. Enter a Billing Address. 
  5. Click on Save. 
  6. Create another Account with exactly the same details and click on save.  

Navigate to the Accounts list. Only one record now exists (refresh the page if necessary) as the two records have been merged. Clicking on the Merge Result provides further information. 

OneMerge Merge Duplicate Records - Merge Rule Lineage

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Article last reviewed: 2024-05-21