How to View Merge Rule Lineage and Rollback

OneMerge Training – Merge Rule Lineage and Rollback

When Records have Matched and Merged, a Master Record is created. This Record will contain the history of the Merge, known as the Merge Rule Lineage which can be found on the details page of the Record.

A list of the Merge Rules that have been applied will be displayed which you can drill down further into. To restore the original values in a specific Merge Rule group, select the drop-down arrow against the Merge Result for the Merge Rule. This allows you to change the values of one Merge Rule, rather than all, by rolling back the Merge Result.  

You can view the Merge Result by clicking on the link. This will take you to the Merge Result page displaying the original values. If the values that have merged need to be rolled back, you can do this by clicking on the Merge Result link.

At the top right of this page is the ‘Rollback Button’. If you click on this you will be asked if you wish to rollback the Merge Event. The Merge Event created the Merge Result. When you click Next, the rollback will occur. You will receive a success message along with the total number of Source Records Updated and Merge Results Deleted. Clicking Next will take you to the Record, with the original results and any reference to the ‘Is MasterRecord?’ and ‘Last Merged Date’ removed. Any Source Records that have been deleted as part of the Merge cannot be restored.  

You can also view the Merge Result Analysis which will show which value has become the ‘winning value’.

Article last reviewed: 2023-08-31