How to Restore Merge Results from the Merge Rule Lineage

OneMerge Training – How to Restore Merge Results

Once Records have Matched and Merged, the Merge Rule Lineage is displayed which contains the results of the Merge, i.e, newest or oldest record value. These are specified in the Merge Rulesets, but on occasion, you may wish to use a different value.  

The following takes you through an example on how to create this scenario:  

  1. Create a new Account Record inputting the same Name and Billing Address (or input your custom configured Matching Rule values).  
  2. Create a second account with the same credentials. 
  3. If the Merge Job has not been configured to run at a set time, then follow the instructions in the ‘How to Schedule a Merge Job’ first.  
  4. Validate that the 2 records have Matched and Merged and a Master Record has been created.  

Within the Master Record, the Merge Rule Lineage will display the result of the field values. If you decide, for example, that you would rather use the original value in the Master Record then follow these steps to reverse the value. 

  1. Click the dropdown by the side of the field value you wish to restore.  
  2. Click on restore.  

You will see that the Master Record has restored the original value that was in this record. You can restore any further values following these steps.

Article last reviewed: 2023-08-31