Release Notes

v1.56 – Summer 24

  • Added

    Installation Link

    OneMerge 1.56 Release Notes. Merge duplicates identified by Salesforce with intelligent, automated merge rules.

    Use this URL to install the package into any organisation:

    Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

    Please refer to the terms of service before installation.

  • Improved

    Default Merge Rule Priority

    Prior to the Summer ’24 release, the fields referenced for Merge Rule Priority could be set at the Merge Rule level (Newest or Oldest based on Create or Last Modified Date) or as a Merge Rule Field (flagged as Is Priority? or Is Secondary Priority?).

    With the Summer ’24 release it is now possible to set a default Merge Rule Priority at the Merge Ruleset level and then set the priority type for each Merge Rule to Default. This simplifies the configuration of Merge Rules which share a common prioritisation.

    For example, a Merge Ruleset could select the Master Record based on the oldest Created Date and then select Merge Rule field values based on the newest Created Date.

  • Improved

    Rollback Enhancements

    The Merge Rollback feature has been extended in the Summer ’24 release to enable recovery of losing records that have been deleted and moved to the Salesforce Recycle Bin via Platform Merge.

    Please note, availability of deleted records in the Salesforce Recycle Bin is subject to time and usage factors; please consult the Salesforce Help for additional information.

    A new Rollback Preview feature has also been added, as shown below.

    OneMerge 1.56 Release Notes - Rollback Preview

  • Improved

    Updated Home Page

    The OneMerge App Home Page has been redesigned for the Summer ’24 release with a new Guidance tab.

    The new Guidance tab provides convenient access to the Setup Steps and also the infographic diagram which provides an outline of the end-to-end duplicate management process.