Release Notes

Free Edition v1.43

  • Added

    Installation Link

    OneMerge Free Edition 1.43 Release Notes. Merge duplicates identified by Salesforce with intelligent, automated merge rules.

    Use this URL to install the package into any organisation:

    Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

    Please refer to the terms of service before installation.

  • Added

    Matching Jobs

    Scan Salesforce objects for existing duplicates using OneMerge Matching Jobs.

    Supported objects: Account, Person Account, Contact, Lead, Individual and Custom Objects.

    Use Salesforce Matching Rule logic to identify existing duplicates within your data. OneMerge Matching Jobs provide an alternative approach to the Salesforce Duplicate Jobs feature available in Salesforce Unlimited Edition and above.

    OneMerge Matching Jobs generate Duplicate Record Sets (Salesforce standard object) which can be reviewed and then merged by a OneMerge Merge Job.

  • Added

    Clone Merge Rulesets

    Merge Rulesets can now be cloned to allow experimentation or to support configuration deployment between environments via Change Set or DevHub (Sandbox to Sandbox or Sandbox to Production).

  • Improved

    Schedule Jobs Now

    Merge Jobs (and Matching Jobs) can be now be scheduled to run (one-time) Now via Guided Setup.