Release Notes

Free Edition 1.17

  • Added

    New Preconfigured Trial

    Create a new preconfigured trial and evaluate OneMerge using simple-to-follow test scenarios.

    More information at Trial Support for Free Edition.

  • Added

    Guided Setup

    OneMerge Free Edition now provides a Guided Setup process to simplify and streamline the configuration setup and maintenance experience.

    Guided Setup is primarily used to configure Merge Rulesets which define the master record selection and field population logic.

  • Improved

    UI Enhancements

    Page layout and Lightning Record Page enhancements.

  • Fixed

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed bugs:

    1. Merge Jobs have a blank Start Time when no records are processed.
    2. Guided Setup field lists are unordered.
    3. Guided Setup field lists contain compound fields such as Lead Address.
    4. Merge Result is missing a branded icon and tab colour.