Release Notes

1.36 – Winter ’24

  • Added

    Installation Link

    Use this URL to install the package into any organisation:

    Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

    Please refer to the terms of service before installation.

  • Improved

    UI Components - Merge Job Status

    The Home Page Merge Job Status component now provides an Abort Job option which enables Merge Jobs to be fully managed by OneMerge features.

    Schedule a Merge Job to run on the required frequency via Guided Setup and view/abort scheduled jobs via the Merge Job Status component.

    Note, the above is true also for Matching and Reparenting Jobs.

  • Added

    UI Components - Potential Duplicates

    Identified duplicates can now be merged directly from Lightning Record Pages using the configured Merge Rules.

    The OneMerge Potential Duplicates component targets the same use cases as the standard Salesforce Potential Duplicates component. The key benefits of the OneMerge component are:

    1. The configured Merge Rules are used to remove the requirement to make field-by-field manual selections.
    2. Merge more than 3 records at-a-time.
    3. Cross-object Merge is supported. E.g. Merge Lead to create or update a new Account, Contact or Person Account.


  • Added

    Flows Active? Application Setting

    Application Setting. Flows Active?

    Activate or Deactivate the OneMerge packaged Flows which populate the update timestamp fields below in response to related field changes. Such fields are provided for use in Merge Rules with the Recency priority.


    • AccountNameUpdateDate
    • BillingAddressUpdateDate
    • ShippingAddressUpdateDate
    • PhoneUpdateDate


    • NameUpdateDate
    • EmailUpdateDate
    • MailingAddressUpdateDate
    • MobileUpdateDate
    • OtherAddressUpdateDate
    • PhoneUpdateDate


    • NameUpdateDate
    • EmailUpdateDate
    • AddressUpdateDate
    • MobileUpdateDate
    • PhoneUpdateDate