Release Notes

1.30 – Summer ’23

  • Added

    Installation Link

    Use this URL to install the package into any organisation:

    Note: If you are installing into a sandbox organization you must replace the initial portion of the URL with

    Please refer to the terms of service before installation.

  • Improved

    Matching Job Filters

    OneMerge provides Matching Jobs as an alternative to Duplicate Jobs (a Salesforce Duplicate Management feature for bulk record matching; Performance and Unlimited Editions only).

    Matching Jobs query a given Salesforce object for the records to match using Matching Filters which combine filter field conditions using AND or OR logic. With version 1.30 it is now possible to combine both via IN and NOT IN conditions, as below.

    RecordType = Supplier AND Status IN (‘Active’, ‘New’).

    Matching Filter Items should be set with the filter value equal to a comma-separated list and either the equals (=) operator for IN or not equals (<>) for NOT IN.

    Please note, Matching Jobs apply the active Salesforce Duplicate Rules for the specified Salesforce Object in order to find duplicate records (via the linked Matching Rules) and generate the Duplicate Record Sets which the Merge Job will process.