How to Test OneMerge Free Edition

How to Test OneMerge Free Edition

The example scenarios below provide instructions on how to test creating a Duplicate Record Set and subsequently Merge the Records creating a Master Record. This will enable the validation of the Duplicate process and also the validation of the Merge Rule configuration. It is recommended to create a number of Duplicate Record Sets to test, before executing a larger dataset.

Example Test Scenario 1 – Create a Duplicate Record Set where more than 1 Duplicate Account Record exists 


  • All Setup Steps 1 – 4 in the Guided Setup Welcome Step have been completed. 
  • A Merge Job has not been scheduled (this can be checked on the home page).  
  • This scenario uses Account Records, but you can use the same steps with Contacts or Leads. 

1.1 From the Accounts tab, select ‘Create New’.  

1.2 Enter values into the fields that have been identified for Salesforce Duplicate Management 

1.3 Enter values into the fields that have been identified for Merge Rules. 

1.4 Save the Record. Note: At this point a Duplicate Record Set is not created as there is only 1 record.  

1.5 Create a second Account Record with the same values for Salesforce Duplicate Management. 

1.6 Enter different values into the Merge Rule fields 

1.7 Save the Record.  

1.8 Select the Duplicate Record Set Tab.  

1.9 Select the Duplicate Record Set that has just been created. The 2 Records identified as Duplicates will be displayed.  

Example Test Scenario 2 – Merge the Duplicate Record Set created in Scenario 1  

NOTE: The Merge Job will look for all Duplicate Record Sets. Delete any that are obsolete before scheduling the Merge job. 

2.1 Select the Guided Setup in the Footer.  

2.2 Select Action ‘Schedule the Merge Job’ and Next. 

2.3 Select the Salesforce Object ‘Account’ and Schedule Type as ‘Hourly’ and Next. 

2.4 Enter a Start Minute for the Merge Job to run. Click Next and Finish.  

Note: On the Home page the Merge Job Status will display the Merge Job that has been scheduled. 

Once the Merge Job has completed, the Duplicate Record Set will no longer be displayed and the Accounts created in Scenario 1 would have merged and one Master Record created. At this point you can validate the Master Record has been created as per the Merge Ruleset and the field values are populated as per the Merge Rules. 

Please contact us at if you require support with your evaluation or setup of OneMerge. Alternatively please refer to the Training Materials page.