OneMerge Free Edition Matching Jobs

Matching Jobs have been added to OneMerge Free Edition!

Scan for Salesforce Duplicates with OneMerge Free Edition Matching Jobs.

OneMerge Matching Jobs apply the active Salesforce Matching Rules to scan a Salesforce Object for duplicates. Matching Jobs can be scheduled using the Guided Setup on a hourly, every ‘x’ number of hours, daily or monthly frequency. Additionally, jobs can also be scheduled to run immediately (Now), which can be useful during a build-and-test cycle.

The active Salesforce Matching Rules (for the Salesforce Object) will be applied to identify duplicate records which are reported as Duplicate Record Sets (DRS). Following job execution, the reported DRS should be reviewed (perhaps using standard Salesforce reporting) and then finally merged via a scheduled Merge Job. For convenience the OneMerge app contains the Duplicate Record Sets tab.

Matching Jobs perform the same function as the Salesforce Duplicate Jobs feature enabled in Unlimited Edition (and above) orgs.

The screenshot below shows the “Schedule Matching Job” option in the OneMerge Free Edition Guided Setup.

Scan for Salesforce Duplicates

Scan for Salesforce Duplicates with OneMerge

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