OneMerge Guided Setup

OneMerge - Guided Setup Overview for Free Edition, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition

Guided Setup is available within all OneMerge Editions and provides a Setup process to simplify and streamline the Configuration and Maintenance experience of OneMerge. It guides you through step-by-step instructions, with help and examples throughout.

Guided Setup is accessed through the footer in the utility bar, which is found on the Home Page.  

The Free Edition of OneMerge provides the following Guided Setup processes:

  • Configure Merge for a Salesforce Object
  • Schedule the Merge Job
  • Manage Application Settings
  • Clone a Merge Ruleset to OneMerge (Standard or Enterprise Edition).

The Standard and Enterprise Editions provide the following Guided Setup processes, some of which are specific to the Enterprise Edition:

  • Manage Merge Rulesets
  • Manage Matching Filters (Enterprise Edition)
  • Schedule the Matching Job (Enterprise Edition)
  • Schedule the Merge Job
  • Schedule the Reparenting Job (Enterprise Edition)
  • Manage Application Settings

The OneMerge Assistant at the footer of the page in the utility bar, has a link to the Training section on the website. Here you can find more detailed training guides on Guided Setup, and also individual features noted above. 

If at any point you would like further assistance with the Guided Setup or indeed provide feedback or help with anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us at 


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