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OneMerge Summer '24

OneMerge provides enhanced Merge Rollback features in the Summer ’24 release for all editions. This blog post provides a quick overview.

When OneMerge merges a Duplicate Record Set, which has been generated by Salesforce Duplicate Management, a Merge Result record is created which stores the details of the records involved and the decisions taken by the merge engine. The collection of Merge Results related to a given Master Record can be viewed as a timeline which supports rollback to a specific point in time. Previously the rollback functionality could be invoked one-at-a-time via the Rollback button on the Merge Result page layout, the Summer ’24 release introduces a mass rollback flow which supports up to 50 merges. The second new rollback feature extends the duplicate record undelete feature described here with the option to restore related records such as Case, Opportunities and Tasks back to the original (undeleted) parent. It should be noted that whilst undelete restores records back to their original state, related records moved to the master record by the merge operation stay with the master record. The new rollback feature improves on this outcome for common standard objects.

The screenshots below show the new Summer ’24 rollback features in action.

Mass Rollback Flow Step 1

Step 1. Select a Salesforce Object and date range to search plus the rollback options to apply.

The Mass Rollback flow is accessed via the Footer (Utility Bar) in the OneMerge app. The first step is to select the search criteria (Salesforce Object and Date Range) to find the Merge Results to rollback. Rollback options are also set on this step including the new Reparent Related Records? option. As the screenshot above shows, the reparenting operation is limited to the Contact, Case, Opportunity, Note, Task and Event standard objects and up to 100 records per object per Merge Result. Please note, this feature is dependent on the merge having been processed by OneMerge Free Edition version 1.55 (on) or OneMerge version 1.58 (on).

Mass Rollback Flow Step 2

Step 2. Select up to 50 Merge Results to rollback.

The second step enables selection of Merge Results which meet the defined search criteria.

Mass Rollback Flow Step 3

Step 3. Review the rollback outcome.

The final step shows the outcome for each Merge Result. The Child Records Updated statistic shows how many related records were returned to the original parent once that parent record had been undeleted from the Salesforce Recycle Bin.

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