Introducing OneMerge

OneMerge - Smart Record Merge Automation - New for 2022!

First of all thank you for taking the time to visit the OneMerge blog. This post provides a brief introduction to the OneMerge app.

OneMerge is a sibling product to clearMDM an enterprise-grade master data management product used by high profile global brands over the last 7 years. During this time we have developed considerable experience delivering complex data management solutions across a variety of sectors, geographies and organisation scale.

Whilst we continue to see a strong market for clearMDM (as a complete end-to-end Master Data Management solution for the Salesforce platform) we recognise the value in a simpler offering which extends the out-of-the-box Salesforce features for duplicate record identification with automated, intelligent merge. Salesforce Duplicate management features provide flexible, robust capabilities for record matching but leave the merging of duplicates as a manual task. This approach to duplicate record merge is time consuming, it doesn’t scale well or deliver standardised, quality outcomes. OneMerge solves these problems through flexible automated Merge Rules which blend with the standard features to enable an end-to-end record match-and-merge solution which delivers efficient Single Customer View automation.

OneMerge delivers the intelligent view of the customer necessary for operational efficiency across sales, service and marketing activities (for example, one-to-one marketing journeys require accurate segmentation and a complete view of all customer interactions). OneMerge Merge Rules provide flexible merge automation; Salesforce standard and custom fields can be grouped together and priority logic defined to determine how the master record should be populated. As examples, the most recent communication preferences, the highest quality contact details or the shipping address from the most trusted source.

OneMerge has been designed with Simplicity in mind and is straightforward to configure and maintain by Salesforce Administrators. By way of example, Merge Rules are configured via the standard Salesforce Setup menu. A second design concept is Control; all OneMerge actions are recorded and reversible, data stewarding features are also provided which pause automated merge where records meet specified criteria. For example a fashion retailer may wish to data steward record merges involving VIP customers or where the lifetime value is above a given threshold; all other merges should be fully automated.

OneMerge is available now via our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Thanks again for reading this first post to the OneMerge Blog.

Kind Regards, Mark Cane (Founder).

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