Manage Data Stewarding Conditions using Guided Setup

How to Manage Data Stewarding Conditions using Guided Setup

Within Guided Setup (further information can be found here) , there is the ability to be able to Manage Data Stewarding Conditions. This can be done in OneMerge Standard and Enterprise Editions only. Guided Setup, which can be launched from the footer in the utility bar, displays ‘Manage Merge Rulesets’. It is within this feature that the conditions can be setup.

Data Stewarding Conditions enables the customisation of record-level conditions that control auto-merge versus data stewardship. As an example, there may be a business requirement where any Customer that is a VIP customer, should be manually checked before merging. All other records that are not VIP Customers will automatically merge.

Guided Setup lists all the Merge Rulesets. By selecting the one you want to customise, you then have the options to ‘Manage Data Stewarding Conditions’.

Enter the details on the next page:

A maximum of 10 can be added per Object for Standard Edition and 50 for Enterprise Edition. At any time, they can be deactivated simply by unchecking the Is Active? checkbox.

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