Editing Merge Rulesets

Editing Merge Rulesets using Guided Setup

Within Guided Setup (further information can be found here) , there is the ability to be able to edit the Merge Rulesets that are provided as default. This can be done in OneMerge Free, Standard and Enterprise Editions. Guided Setup, which can be launched from the footer in the utility bar, provides step-by-step instructions on a number of configuration setups which can be edited or added to. Using this feature is a simple and quick way to edit the Merge Rulesets. You can create new ones or edit the existing Rulesets which can be modified to meet your merge requirements.


Within OneMerge Free Edition , you can also clone the Merge Rulesets if you are upgrading to the Standard Edition, further information can be found here.

If at any point you would like further assistance with the Guided Setup or indeed provide feedback or help with anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

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