Auto Merge Duplicates
identified by Salesforce

  • Merge Rules
  • Data Stewarding Conditions
  • Custom Merge

Intelligent deduplication improves productivity and enables AI

Auto Merge Duplicates identified by Salesforce.

OneMerge™ is a flexible record merge solution based on the standard Salesforce Duplicate Management features. OneMerge merges duplicate Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Custom Object records identified by Salesforce with intelligent, automated merge rules. Native, secure and scalable; data never leaves Salesforce. Don’t pay twice for record matching Salesforce provides this functionality as standard.

OneMerge defragments your Salesforce data which improves productivity, increases reporting accuracy and optimises AI, CDP and Data Cloud outcomes.

OneMerge supports English, French and Spanish languages.

We offer a courtesy QuickStart call to all customers; on this call we’ll discuss your requirements and provide expert setup guidance. Where requirements are straightforward we aim to configure the product with you on the call.

Merge Rules

MERGE RULES group Standard or Custom fields to be merged together using Recency, Quality or Trust factors.

Examples; the most recent Email (plus Email Opt-in), the highest quality Contact Details and the Shipping Address from the most trusted source of data.

Data Stewarding Conditions

DATA STEWARDING CONDITIONS evaluate identified duplicates & control auto-merge versus data stewarding; where an Accept or Reject decision is required.

Examples; Duplicates related to VIP customers require data stewarding whereas online customer registrations seamlessly auto-merge.

Custom Merge

CUSTOM MERGE supports Cross-object merge for Standard & Custom Objects plus rollback & data sync for retained losing records (Link+Sync). The standard Salesforce platform merge is also supported.

Example; Duplicate Leads can be merged to create a new Account.